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Lightworks for OS X to be revealed at NAB

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Apple/RedSharkLightworks for OS X

Editshare has come right out and said it: they're going to be showing Lightworks for OS X at NAB in April. As excitement builds around the imminent public Beta release of the Linux version, a public showing of Lightworks for the Mac platform will be a major event in the timeline of NLE history, because it will be the first time that a significant NLE has been shown to work on the three major platforms in use today

Followers of the Lightworks story will know that although the OS X version is somewhat behind the original estimated schedule, the additions and changes to the Lightworks code have meant that it is significantly more supportable on all three platforms because of the groundbreaking work by the Lightworks developers in remodelling and abstracting large amounts of the code so that it is virtually platform-independent. This means that as new features are added, and issues are fixed, they will apply to all three versions, unless they are in part of the OS-specific layer.

First showing

Note that this is a first showing of the OS X software and that it will still need to go through the same stages as the Linux version: probably a private Alpha, and then a public Beta. But because of the similarity of large portions of the code, testing on all three versions benefits each specific one as well.


Meanwhile, watch out in RedShark for a world exclusive in the next few days: the first official full-length demonstration of Lightworks for Linux. Prepared for RedShark by a member of the Lightworks team, it shows the full depth and capability of the Lightworks software.

Here's an extract from Editshare's press release where it talks about the Lightworks for OS X reveal at NAB:  


At NAB 2013, EditShare will be previewing the new Mac OS X version of Lightworks. In addition to the Windows and Linux versions, this makes Lightworks the first NLE to be truly cross platform across all major operating systems. It continues to attract a growing user base with 450,000 registered Windows users, and the floodgates are about to open for the Linux and Mac OS X communities. As always, Lightworks is available to users – for free – forever. More and more professional editors are returning to Lightworks to edit major commercial feature films and projects. A training certification program for Lightworks will also be introduced later this year.

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