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RocketStockClassic look: classic design

If you’re involved in creating corporate videos, then here’s a bundle of assets that will make your job a whole lot easier. Made by the team at RocketStock, their pack, Geneva, is a must-have for anyone looking to give corporate video presentations, interview clips, and more a hit of professional style.



The classic look of Geneva was inspired by the aesthetics of Swiss Design. It’s a minimalist graphic design style that favors clarity and precision over showiness. Because it focuses attention on the message at hand, the style is a perfect fit for corporate projects.

Watch the demo below, then let’s take a peek at the various components of this stylish collection!

Lower Thirds of the Highest Order

Lower thirds are a vital part of corporate videos. Not only can they be used to introduce your speakers or locations in a visually interesting way, but they also help to give your video a sense of professional consistency.


Geneva comes with 82 lower thirds in 8 timeless, classic styles. Each file is pre-rendered, so you just need to add text and drag-and-drop them into your video timeline.

Timeless Transitions

Whenever choosing a transition that goes beyond a straight cut, there’s a fine line to walk. On the one hand, you want the element to stand out. But you also risk pulling attention away from your video’s content.

Geneva comes with 48 transitions. While each one looks sleek and stylish, they've also been designed to keep your video on-message. They’re more distinctive than your average cut, but they don’t distract viewers’ attention either.

Classic Logo Reveals

Nothing brings a company logo to life like an animated logo reveal. The right reveal helps solidify your brand identity and sets the tone and character of your project. Geneva comes included with 16 unique, Swiss Design style logo reveals. It’s easy to find one that suits your corporate branding.


See Geneva in Action

If you’ve got a corporate project coming up, then Geneva is a great tool to have on standby. To pick up your copy of this collection, head to RocketStock to get started.


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