Red Giant's Trapcode animation effects suite hits v14

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Red GiantThe power of particles. Red Giant's version 14 of Trapcode Suite

If you have anything to do with After Effects and animation, the chances are that you own or have used at least one part of the powerhouse Red Giant Trapcode suite. Version 14 gives even more reasons to do so

With over a decade of development, Trapcode is now a very mature piece of software, and now Red Giant has released a major update to it in the form of version 14. The entire suite, consisting of Particular, Form, Tao, Mir, Shine, Lux, 3D Stroke, Echospace, Starglow, Sound Keys, and Horizon, with Particular, Form, and Tao being the main focus of the new update.

Efforts have been made to make the interfaces more intuitive and easier to use. Particular has been given GPU acceleration, which Red Giant claims gives a four times increase in speed over previous versions, depending on your hardware. 3D objects and animated OBJ files can now be used as emitters, as well as being able to assign any image composition to a sprite or polygon. Further complexity to animations can be created with the ability to combine multiple particle systems within the same space. To top it all off, Particular now comes with an additional 210 new presets, which take advantage of the new features.

Trapcode Form now shares the same interface as Particular, which should help with consistency. A new designer features, as well as the ability to use 3D models and OBJ files as particle grids. Tao also now includes depth of field effects.

The full Trapcode 14 suite retails at $999, while to upgrade from a previous version costs $199. Alternatively, if you do not have a need for all the effects, each of the component parts of the suite can be purchased separately.

Red Giant’s full press release follows on the next page.

Red Giant Releases Trapcode Suite 14, the Industry-Standard Package for Motion Graphics Artists

All-new versions of Trapcode Particular and Form. 11 tools in total to power motion graphics and visual effects in Adobe After Effects. Red Giant delivers GPU Acceleration, 3D Objects as emitters, and multiple emitters in the same 3D space.

Portland, OR – August 1, 2017 – Red Giant today released Trapcode Suite 14, a major update to the industry’s most essential tools for creating 3D motion graphics and visual effects in Adobe® After Effects®. With a total of 11 powerful tools for 3D motion graphics and visual effects, release highlights include Trapcode Particular 3.0 and Trapcode Form 3.0, which have both been completely overhauled to offer faster rendering speeds and an incredibly intuitive user experience when building particle effects. Also included is a free update for Trapcode Tao, giving users depth of field effects for more realism. 

Explore the new Red Giant Trapcode Suite 14.

"Trapcode has been a mainstay for the motion graphics and VFX industry for over a decade," said Chad Bechert, Red Giant CEO. “We wanted this update to live up to the high expectations of our community of users, and to help propel them into their next level of creativity. We're proud of what's in this release and incredibly excited to see what our customers do with these upgraded tools."

There is so much good stuff in this release, it's hard to know what to talk about. Particular is now GPU-accelerated, making it much faster than ever before. And with the addition of 3D model-based emitters and multiple particle systems in the same 3D space, so much more is possible from the creative side,” comments Aharon Rabinowitz, Red Giant’s head of marketing. “In this release, we've also brought Trapcode Particular's popular Designer to Form, which makes building particle effects and working with presets more visual and far more intuitive. As someone who has used Trapcode plug-ins for years, I can say this is easily the best Trapcode update yet.” 

What are Red Giant Trapcode users saying? 

"I cannot imagine my work without Red Giant tools. Sparks, smoke, and magic are basically my livelihood - and the astonishing Trapcode Suite contains some of my most essential tools when working on live action or animated films and television.” - Daniel Hashimoto, Action Movie Kid

What’s New in Red Giant Trapcode Suite 14

NEW - Trapcode Particular 3.0 

Organic 3D particle effects, complex motion graphics elements and more. Trapcode Particular 3.0 features GPU acceleration for massive speed boosts, multiple particle systems in the same 3D space, the ability to use 3D models as particle emitters, and a new overhauled Designer that makes the building and previewing of effects an intuitive and creative experience, amongst other new features in high-demand. Experience the new Trapcode Particular 3.0.

With a library of over 60 3D objects/models, an expanded library of more than 270 sprites, and 210 new presets (over 300 in total), Trapcode Particular continues to offer motion graphics artists the most robust set of options for particle effects. 

What’s new in Trapcode Particular 3.0 

  • GPU-Accelerated. Get fast feedback with Trapcode Particular’s new GPU Acceleration through OpenGL. Depending on system and setup, users can see speed boosts of up to 4X or more over previous versions. 
  • Designer. New in Particular 3, the Designer respects the AE comp size, bringing in the composition and camera info. Preview your particle layout with camera and emitter position controls.
  • Multiple Systems. For the first time ever, explore endless creative possibilities when combining multiple particle systems in the same 3D space. Create beautiful, complex effects through the interaction of different systems, all within one instance of Particular. Emitters in Multi-system setups can share parameter settings (such as turbulence, gravity and more), and can be saved as a single preset. 
  • OBJs as Emitters. Give your particle systems a new dimension by using 3D models and animated OBJ sequences as particle emitters. Use your own 3D models or choose from Particular’s library of over 60 OBJs which can be easily loaded directly within After Effects or in the Designer via the new OBJ Loading Panel.
  • Sprites and Polygons. Use any composition image as a particle by assigning it to a 2D sprite or textured polygon - still and animated sprite images can be easily loaded directly within After Effects or in the Designer via the new Sprite Loading Panel.
  • Aux System. Spawn new child particles through Particular’s Aux system. Particular 3’s updated Aux system now includes the ability to add custom particles for even more variation, as well as keyframeable parameters for more control.
  • 300+ Presets. Particular 3 includes over 210 new presets that show off powerful features like multiple systems, OBJ emitters and more - create fire, spaceflight, fireworks, muzzle flashes, explosions, smoke and more. Save presets and share them across your facility. 

NEW - Trapcode Form 3.0

Immortal Particle Grids and 3D Objects. Trapcode Form 3 now features the same Designer found in Particular, which gives instant visual feedback and makes the process of building and previewing effects both intuitive and creative. Form offers users an expansive set of tools to work with, including over 60 3D Objects/Models, 270 New Sprites and Polygons, and over 70 Presets for fast motion graphics creation. Experience the new Trapcode Form 3.0.

What’s new in Trapcode Form 3.0

  • Designer. Create particle grids visually in an intuitive environment. Add adjustable blocks with preset settings and styles for emitters, particles and more. Or add complete, customizable particle effects with a single click.
  • 3D Models. Bring your motion graphics into a new dimension by using 3D models and animated OBJ sequences as particle grids. Use your own 3D models or choose from Form’s library of over 60 OBJs which can be easily loaded directly within After Effects or in the Designer via the new OBJ Loading Panel. 
  • Sprites and Polygons. Use any composition image as a particle by assigning it to a 2D sprite or textured polygon - still and animated sprite images can be easily loaded directly within After Effects or in the Designer via the new Sprite Loading Panel.
  • More Control. Animate controls over time for the color, size, opacity, and dispersion of your particles, as well as their fractal and audio reactivity with the newly updated keyframeable graphing system.
  • 70+ Presets. Form 3 Includes over 70 new fully-customizable Designer presets for creating backgrounds and motion design elements. 

UPDATED - Trapcode Tao 1.2

Create 3D geometries animated along a path. A new depth-of-field effect makes it easy to create camera-realistic blurs for your Tao objects, based on their distance from the After Effects 3D camera. This is a free update for Trapcode Tao users. 

Additional Tools in Red Giant Trapcode Suite 14

The Red Giant Trapcode Suite offers 11 tools in total covering the full range of needs for motion graphics artists. Additional tools include:

  • Trapcode Mir 2.1: 3D Surfaces, Terrains and Wireframes in After Effects
  • Trapcode Shine 2: Ultra-fast, 3D light ray effects
  • Trapcode Lux 1.4: After Effects lights made visible
  • Trapcode 3D Stroke 2.6: Organic 3D shapes and lines from your masks
  • Trapcode Echospace 1.1: Instantly clone and offset animated layers
  • Trapcode Starglow 1.7: Stylized glints and glows for motion graphics and text
  • Trapcode Sound Keys 1.4: Instant audio-driven motion graphics in After Effects
  • Trapcode Horizon 1.1: Infinite backgrounds for After Effects 3D

Trapcode Suite 14 Pricing and Availability

Trapcode Suite 14 is available today and can be purchased for $999 ($199 upgrade) through the Red Giant online store. Customers can purchase individual products or the entire Trapcode Suite 14. Complete pricing info available at

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