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We think this is the best colourisation (ie making colour from black and white) that we've seen.

Lucille BallColorized Lucille Ball

Colourisation (Colorization) has varying results. This effort (video below) is nothing short of amazing!

Every so often I come across a colourisation project. That you can do it at all is amazing to me - it seems like such a laborious process that nevertheless needs absolute attention to detail.

Some of the more "mass produced" efforts that I've seen have been ultimately rather flat and synthetic-looking and arguably not even preferable to the original black and white version.

But this is something different. This is "The Lucy Show", colourised by Zach Smothers, who, according to his website http://pop-colorture.com has always dreamed about colorising a classic TV series.

Using nothing more than Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects, he's painted, rotoscoped and motion tracked frame by frame to give this very convincing result.

Well done Zach. This is real talent at work!



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