AMD's "latest and greatest graphics card" [video]

Written by RedShark News Staff

RedSharkThe Dave Shapton in the globe is being stitched and rendered in realtime

Dave Shapton talked to Evan Groenke, Product Manager Desktop Discrete Graphics, on the NAB 2017 showfloor about just how powerful the company's new Radeon Pro Duo graphics card is.

"The card is specifically tailored to professional users," says Groenke and has a great demonstration of exactly what that means. A glass globe behind him has a 360 degree rotating display of the interview taking place. One of the card's GPUs is stitching the images together in realtime, the other is displaying it. 

"We like to describe it as leting you do three things: divide, accelerate and create," explains Groenke, "and this is a great example of that simultaneous workload. You use one GPU to do one thing, the other for another."

To find out more, such as how this will help you do all sorts of heavy lifting with Maya, watch the video below.


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