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UBMS talks Editshare at CABSAT 2017 [video]

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Visit DubaiThe sort of video image that sells a destination, in this case: Dubai

One of the interesting stories we uncovered while wandering around CABSAT with a video camera was that the Dubai Tourist Board had just signed a deal to buy a fairly major Editshare system via local reseller UBMS.

What's interesting about this interview is that it details some of the requirements that a major client such as the Dubai Tourist Board can approach a reseller with and how manufacturers and resellers have to work to get the business.

According to UBMS' Richard Lackey, those requirements were headed by data "And lots of it from various different places. One of those places was their in-house production team, but there was also a lot of content coming in from outside in a mix of formats. The need was for some storage onsite that their editorial team could use - that's a fast system, SSD RAID on a 10GigE network - and then a higher capacity system at their data centre on a remote site with tape library archiving."

It's an interesting set-up that's been specced to include zero points of failure and has media asset management at its heart. Find out more below.


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