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EditShare gives Lightworks a new look with V14

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EditshareThe new Lightworks v14 UI

Lightworks v 14.0 boasts a new UI, integrated premium audio and video content, and also looks to be aggressively pursuing the new breed of online content creators.

In common with many post production packages, and NLE in particular, EditShare has had the problem of balancing its established television and film market with the much vaster, but equally much poorer, hinterland of content creators that the increased use of video on the internet has created.

V14 of the software, therefore, is a significant new release for the company, which states that the latest version “sports a new look and an extensive list of new features to benefit YouTubers and social marketers as well as indie and corporate video makers.”

It’s a tricky balancing act to pull off, but Lightworks certainly has the developmental heritage to do it.

Key new features include a new, fixed layout UI (albeit one that can be changed quickly back to the established layout for seasoned users); integrated royalty-free media libraries from Audio Network and Pond5; a customisable panel to centralise favourite key commands; a new proxy workflow for pro users to smooth editing in higher resolutions; and user defined ‘Auto Effects’ which are always present on the VFX layout for fast changes.

As before, Lightworks V14 comes in free and licensed flavours, the licenses starting at £14.99 (ex VAT) per month and including Boris Graffiti and FX packages. The only real restriction with the free version is a 720p cap on output for YouTube and Vimeo.

Full press release with all the detail over the page, and there’s a QuickStart video highlighting the ease of project creation with the new package below.

EditShare Unveils New Look Lightworks Video Editor
A storied brand reinvented for modern productions; Lightworks 14.0 gives the next generation of social content creators and digital marketers a purpose-built video editing package with integrated premium audio and video content from Audio Network and Pond5

Basingstoke, UK — April 4, 2017 — EditShare, a technology leader in intelligent shared storage and media management solutions, today unveiled Lightworks NLE version 14.0, which sports a new look and an extensive list of new features to benefit YouTubers and social marketers as well as indie and corporate video makers. Used to create award-winning films such as “Pulp Fiction” and “The King’s Speech,” version 14.0 of Lightworks boasts a new fixed layout user interface with simple-to-use VFX capabilities, plus integrated royalty-free premium audio and video content from partners Audio Network and Pond5.

“Lightworks 14.0 is providing next generation video makers a powerful tool for crafting video projects destined for any platform, whether it’s Facebook 360, YouTube or Instagram – even traditional television – without disturbing the heritage editing capabilities that have made Lightworks a much-loved system across some of Hollywood’s most notable editors,” states Matt Sandford, Lightworks product manager, EditShare. “Plus, with the addition of royalty-free content accessible from the NLE, we are allowing media creatives and at-home video makers alike to stand out from the crowd with polished content – completely necessary in a world where video is overwhelmingly dominant on the web.”

Lightworks 14.0 Embraces the New Age of Video and the Generation Behind It
As video becomes the most popular form of communication in the age of the internet, more and more people are becoming content creators, seeking out a simple, yet powerful editing solution. Lightworks 14.0 has the answers; out of the box, it comes packed with audio and video FX tools for fine tuning and polishing video content, allowing users to import, edit, add VFX and voice overs, and deliver great video in all the formats one needs, particularly for social video platforms YouTube and Vimeo. With extensive support for GoPro® camera formats, it’s never been easier to create epic sports content and slow motion drone footage that can be mixed with video captured on a range of cameras, including mobiles.

For video makers who need professional codec support and the ability to edit and export media up to 4K, Lightworks has it all, including a new proxy workflow to ease editing in higher resolutions. And for those just breaking into the craft of editing, EditShare offers a free version of the NLE that packs all the tools and only limits the final output format.

Lightworks v14.0 key features
Simple and intuitive user interface – Get up to speed quickly and easily creating amazing content; it couldn’t be simpler. Experienced Lightworks user? Relax, with the flick of a button, seasoned users can switch back to the same powerful and flexible layout they are used to.

Versions for all – For those just stepping into video making, Lightworks offers a FREE version with all the tools – the only restriction is on output formats (Vimeo and YouTube 720p max). The Lightworks Pro version can be purchased as needed; go monthly, annually or get the outright license, which includes Boris Graffiti and FX packages.

Royalty-free audio and video – Whether looking for inspiration or simply to create incredibly polished content, with Lightworks v14.0, editors have direct access from the editing timeline to the best media libraries from Audio Network and Pond5.

Deliver content in any format – Whatever the final platform you need to deliver video to, Lightworks has it covered. From Vimeo and YouTube, to SD, HD, 4K and beyond, video makers can package video for them all. Plus, to ease the overhead for high resolution content, EditShare has added the ability to create Lo-Res Proxy files from the media in a bin or sequence.

Easy editing and effects – All the tools are easily accessible directly from the timeline. Plus users can streamline editing further with a customizable panel to centralize all their favourite key commands. Speed up the creative process with easily applied, powerful video and audio FX, including user defined “Auto Effects,” which always appear on the VFX layout for super quick changes.

Watch the overview video to see just how easy it is to get up and running with Lightworks v14.0.

Pricing and Compatibility
Lightworks 14 is available in either the Free or Pro version. Download Lightworks 14 for free now, or purchase the Pro version as a month, year or outright license.

Lightworks 14.0 will run on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. For full details, please visit the Lightworks website.

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