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Sony Pictures opens 4K post production facility

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Sony Pictures/RedSharkSony Pictures 4K post Culver City

True to its overarching philosophy of providing an end-to-end 4K ecosystem, Sony is about to launch a 4K television post production unit in the Capra Building at Sony Pictures in Culver City, according to The Hollywood Reporter

The LA-based website goes on to say that the 4K facility will be branded as a division of Colorworks, a Sony Pictures post production company already on the site.

We think that this will be a boon to any productions needing 4K post in the vicinity, but it is as much a symbolic announcement, because it joins up the two ends of the  Sony's 4K ecosystem.

End to end

What Sony is saying here, we believe, is that with Sony cameras, Sony recorders, Sony post production, a newly announced (if still rather short on details) distribution system, and of course, Sony 4K projectors and TVs, there's no reason for the 4K revolution to stumble.

Apart from the cost, of course.

But we don't believe cost will be an issue in the long term. Look what happened to HD. We saw a 42" LG LED screen for sale for £340 today!

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