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Red Giant's latest short showcases BB-8 and Star Wars-style holograms

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Red GiantDont' Hate, BB-8

Using the Universe 2 plugin Holomatrix II, among other software, Red Giant's Seth Worley delivers a micro-short starring BB-8, the diminutive droid that debuted in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Red Giant has a history of putting its products in a positive light through self-produced shorts and featurettes. We shared the company's last film, Go Bag, back at the start of 2016, which Red Giant touted as its most ambitious film to date.

The following film does not share the same scale of story or action as Go Bag, but it's worthwhile viewing nonetheless. Don't Hate, BB-8, made solely by Red Giant resident filmmaker Seth Worley, is part of the 'Film Team Experiments' series that consist of smaller efforts that typically highlight a software product or feature. For Don't Hate, BB-8, Worley leveraged various tools and resources, including Holomatrix II, included in the Universe 2 collection of plugins, available by subscription, and a free pack of Star Wars models, pre-rigged for animation.

The actual short is at the tail end of the following video, with behind-the-scenes and making-of segments preceding it that explain workflow, from production through post. The short is obviously self-promotional, but the workflow discussion is fairly thorough despite its brevity, with a few mentions of products outside Red Giant's stable.

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