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Autodesk to offer Industry Collections

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AutodeskAutodesk's Maya: Collections save nearly a third on yearly costs

Autodesk plans to offer many of its more popular programs bundled in three different cost-saving collections, with each one aimed at a different industry — one will be for media and entertainment. By Keith Fraissinet

Autodesk will be offering a new packaging plan called Industry Collections on August 1. The bundle called the Media & Entertainment Collection includes such VFX staples as Maya and 3Ds Max, but also Mudbox and MotionBuilder. The aim of the collections is to offer the company’s most popular software in one package to consumers at one price.

Along with its desktop programs, the Media & Entertainment Collection will offer cloud-based software, including Character Generator and ReCap 360 Pro. It will also offer rendering in A360 and 25 GB of cloud storage.

The Media & Entertainment Collection will cost $2,040 per year (suggested, excluding tax). If both Maya and 3Ds Max were purchased separately, they would each cost $1,470 per year, so collection users would be saving $900 a year.

Subscribers of a design and creation suite or of an individual product will be allowed to switch to a collection subscription, and will be prorated until the end of an existing contract’s end date. The design and creation suites will be discontinued after July 31, 2016.

The other two collections are the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection and the Product Design Collection.

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