The current state of VFX and CGI physics

Written by Patrick Jong Taylor

Pavel PehlivanovHow good is current CGI physics? (FractureControl RnD Breakdown - from Pavel Pehlivanov)

A recent compilation of select VFX and CGI works highlights just how good the work has become, particularly when it comes to physics simulations.

We must admit...we're suckers for a great VFX showreel. For the most part, we feature such videos that include VFX and CGI breakdowns from major motion pictures. However, the following video does not have any recognizable characters, super or otherwise. What it does have is a string of clips from recent VFX and CGI demos and tutorials that are worth checking out in their own right.

This great compilation is from Vimeo user Particle Skull, the name used jointly by artists Alvaro Moreira, Adam Reid, Rob Fiduccia and Pio Fina. The video is the culmination of the group's efforts in curating the "best" VFX from this past March.

When viewing this compilation, it's impossible to ignore the eye-popping physical simulations in some of these clips. While the video isn't solely about CGI physics, it is nonetheless clear evidence that the state of the art has gotten very good indeed.

For a full list of the VFX and CGI work featured in this video,please visit the video's Vimeo page.

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