7 Free Motion Design Assets for Video Editors [sponsored]

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RocketStock.com / RedShark NewsFree Motion Design Assets from RocketStock.com

Here's a handy list of free motion assets to enrich your editing and post workflows, courtesy of RocketStock.com.

For video editors wanting to load up on assets without dropping a lot of cash, RocketStock.com is a great place to start. Their free After Effects templates, effects and toolkits are customizable, high quality and easy to use. Here are seven of the most popular freebies currently available on RocketStock.

1. Hiro: Free Anime-Inspired After Effects Template

Hiro is a drag-and-drop logo reveal, which is perfect for adding electrified anime-inspired power to your video projects. This high-energy asset comes with a tutorial, so you'll have no problem incorporating this free After Effects template into your next video editing project.

2. Unity Lite: 5 Free Wedding Titles and 16 Light Leaks

Wedding clients have high expectations. It's not enough anymore to simply show up with a camera and line the wedding party up for a few pictures. Today's modern client demands production value. Unity Lite is perfect for turning The Big Day into something even bigger. With five free wedding titles, sixteen bonus light leaks, and a tutorial, Unity Lite will help you give your wedding videos an undeniable feeling of elegance.

3. Spotlight: Free Animated Social Icons Pack

If you're trying to engage your followers or catch the attention of your client's target audience, this free animated social icons pack is ideal. An increase in social traffic is all but guaranteed when you add these pro animations to your YouTube videos, brand commercials and business promos. According to RocketStock, this pack comes with "customizable text, fonts, and colors. Plus, the pack is CS5.5 universalized for all languages!"

4. Countdown: Free After Effects Template

You could spend all day rigging a clock from scratch for your next project — or you could just use this free After Effects template to create your very own clock. Countdown comes with three preloaded clock designs: Simple, Fancy and Sporty. If none of those are what you need, the template is exceptionally easy to customize.

5. Split Layers: Free After Effects Template

If you’re even remotely familiar with the world of motion graphics, then you're likely familiar with the type of split-layer animation featured in this free After Effects template. It can be tedious to pull off the look by hand — luckily you don't have to worry about it once you've downloaded this freebie. Plus, according to RocketStock, "this effect is actually in 3D, not simulated, so you can move your camera around the composition in 3D space."

6. Digital Distortion: Free After Effects Template

Sure, people are always mentioning how "clean" a design looks, but sometimes that's not really what you're going for. This free After Effects template will ugly up your project perfectly; you can add grit, grunge, grain and noise with no problem. This pack comes with nine distortion effects that are easily customized with a simple slider. Additionally, you can combine parameters to create a fuzzed-out look that's all your own.

7. Free After Effects Template: Circle Bursts

This 2D Circle Burst free After Effects template can really add some style to your projects. This graphic approach is all the rage, popping up in commercials and infographics. The pack includes twelve individual circle burst assets, all of them highly customizable.

Download them all and use in your current and new projects!

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