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Lightworks 12.6 Free adds 1080p Vimeo export plus huge discounts

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Lightworks / RedShark NewsLightworks 12.6

A recent update to Lightworks brings native 1080p Vimeo export for Free and Pro users, plus steep discounts for subscribers.

Lightworks, the nonlinear editor, continues to be developed apace as an alternative to Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro and other NLEs.

Partnering with Vimeo

This week sees the release of the latest version of Lightworks, version 12.6, which adds native Vimeo export, meaning you can output your films and send them directly to Vimeo from within the Lightworks application. Lightworks claims Vimeo as a "preferred upload partner," indicating there was extensive collaboration to ensure that the upload function works seamlessly.

It should be noted that in order to output 2160p 4K, you need both Lightworks Pro and Vimeo Pro subscriptions. For free users, the previous upload cap of 720p has been upgraded to 1080p, allowing users to export to Vimeo at that resolution.

Special Offer

In addition to Vimeo export, Lightworks has announced a sale for year-long subscriptions of Lightworks Pro, slashing prices by 40%. Normally, a year of Lightworks would run to $174.99 (€134.99, £99.99), but current savings bring prices down to $104.99 (£59.99, €80.99). As part of the subscription package, Lightworks is also throwing in Boris FX (retail $299) for free, further sweetening the deal.

While I'm sure that most of you already have a preferred NLE, if you're at all interested in investigating other options, it's a great time to check out Lightworks, as this current offer seems extraordinary value.

To subscribe to Lightworks Pro, go HERE. To receive the discount and Boris FX bundle, use this Voucher Code: LIGHTWORKS_12.6

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