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BCC 10: new plug-ins from Boris FX [sponsored article]

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Boris FXBCC10: Boris FX' biggest release ever

Boris FX’ Continuum Complete 10 is not only the biggest release from the company yet, but also the first joint development since its merger with Imagineer Systems. Guest author, Ross Shain, details what’s new.

Founded in 1995, Boris FX is one of the original companies developing 3rd party plug-ins for professional film & video post-production. For over 20 years, editors, colorists and broadcast designers have turned to Boris tools to fill the necessary gaps in their host application workflow: for designing titles, transitions, effects, (and more recently) repairing video footage.

With the newest release - Continuum Complete 10 (BCC 10) - the team at Boris has taken that knowledge-base of experience and rolled it into a powerful offering designed for the professional post-production market - first focusing on Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects support (with Resolve, Fusion & other OFX hosts coming soon). BCC 10 is the simply the company's biggest release yet (with over 250 plug-ins) and marks the first joint development effort since their 2014 merger with Imagineer Systems, the Academy Award-winning developer of mocha Planar Tracking tools. Here are a few of the new plug-ins.

Integrated mocha for effects & finishing

mocha is the planar tracking & masking technology, Imagineer developed to help “take the pain” out of difficult effects tasks that typically require lots of manual keyframing. Recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures in 2013 for contributions to the film industry, mocha has been used on countless top-tier films such as Transformers, Birdman, the Harry Potter films and most recently, Star Wars Episode VII.

A result of the Boris/Imagineer merger is that mocha has been integrated into every BCC effect. With BCC 10, Avid & Premiere editors can access mocha tools without leaving their timeline, allowing them to quickly isolate effects; blur logos and faces; or perform the type of complex tasks typically finished in dedicated compositing software such as After Effects, Flame or Nuke.

Fix it in Post with New Image Restoration Tools

While BCC 10 adds many new transition effects and “cool looking filters” such as Light Leaks and Video Glitch, one of the areas Boris & Imagineer are now excelling is Image Restoration. Some of the new tools combine multiple filters into one über “studio” effect. For example BCC Beauty Studio is an advanced skin smoothing plug-in for image retouching and digital makeup. Beauty Studio combines an advanced smoothing algorithm with sharpening, color correction, integrated color keying and mocha masking into the effect. By combining so many tools into one plug-in, an editor can accomplish general skin corrections or very precise blemish & wrinkle removal to make talent look better and increase production values.

Next Gen Titling & Graphics

While at first it appears the BCC 10 release is focused on visual effects and finishing, inside the 3D Objects category the team at Boris has quietly unleashed a monster of a motion graphics and titling plug-in. BCC Title Studio is a next generation, 2D/3D titling plug-in for animating title opens, lower thirds, and credit sequences at any resolution including Ultra HD/4K. Built on a fast OpenGL-accelerated engine, it is easy and fun to create multi-layered animations inside the custom interface. A feature unique to Title Studio is the ability to import 3D models from Maxon Cinema 4D models and graphic files from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Again, Title Studio is another example of BCC giving editors more creative tools, without having to bounce between multiple applications.

Complete Your Suite (Multi-Host or Subscription)

BCC 10 is a complete plug-in package that simply adds massive value for professional editorial, post and finishing. With the new tools for effects, titling and the integrated mocha technology, editors can handle almost any project that comes into their suite. Lastly, BCC 10 adds new purchasing and subscription options, making this plug-in package the best value on the market.

Customers can purchase host specific licenses or choose the new Multi-Host Option which shares one license file for Avid, Adobe and Resolve. Facilities that wish to rent or ramp up for specific projects can choose the new Annual Subscription Option and enterprise customers can now purchase a site license with flexibility to run in different rooms with the Enterprise Server Option.

But don’t take our word for it. According to Mon Agranat, (online editor and colorist for ABC’s Dancing With The Stars): “For editing and finishing, the integration of mocha planar tracking and masking in Boris Continuum Complete is simply a game changer for professional post.”

BCC 10 is available now for Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere & After Effects. Host support for DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro and other hosts coming soon.


BCC 10 Annual Subscription (Multi-Host) $595 USD per year
BCC 10 for Avid - New Purchase $1695 USD / Upgrade $595 USD
BCC 10 for Adobe - New Purchase $995 USD / Upgrade $295 USD

For more information, please visit www.borisfx.com

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