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Red Giant's Go Bag short: "Most ambitious project to date"

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Red Giant / RedShark NewsGo Bag, produced by Red Giant

Red Giant has a history of promoting its products by producing shorts partially made with its software, with each film upping the production ante.

Software maker Red Giant, who I'm sure most of you are already know, produces not only film productivity suites, but also amazing shorts to showcase what its products can do.

The latest Red Giant short film, Go Bag, "was easily the most ambitious project yet," according to director Seth Worley. This claim is one that could have been made for any of Red Giant's past releases, as the company continually raises the bar with each successive production.

New Challenges

Go Bag is a spy action thriller with very little dialogue and wall-to-wall action, including intense fight scenes and a helicopter gunman spitting bullets at our heroine. "We’ve never done hand-to-hand combat or real stunts before, and there’s always a risk of first-time experiences failing horrifically." Thankfully, the production took all the necessary precautions for a film of this sort, to ensure the safety of all involved (especially the lead actress, Cammie York, who spent much of the film hanging onto the hood of an SUV, as it spiraled up an airport parking structure).


After watching Go Bag, I came away very impressed by the overall quality of the short, which rivals what you might see in a big budget action feature. Of course, opinions differ, but check it out below and let us know what you think. And if you want info on how Red Giant was able to accomplish Go Bag, view the 'Making-of' featurette as well.

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