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PDFviewer: an essential - and agreeably cheap - plug-in for Premiere Pro

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Primal Cuts / RedShark NewsPDFviewer by Primal Cuts

A new plug-in for Premiere Pro, PDFviewer, could be your simple fix to a common editing dilemma.

We're always interested in new tools to help streamline an editor's workflow. Most of the available plug-ins and peripherals directly impact video or audio material. However, a recently released plug-in from Primal Cuts aims to manage the glut of information that resides outside of the timeline.

The PDFviewer plug-in is simple and straight-forward: a dockable window in Premiere Pro that displays any PDF document, including tabs to organize multiple documents. Such a seemingly minor tweak to your workflow could be an enormous time-saver over the course of a project. Any editor that has spent time shuffling through scripts and storyboards (or clicking on windows outside of Premiere to reference docs) should immediately see the benefit of PDFviewer.

I love the idea behind this plug-in. By bringing these docs into Premiere via PDFviewer, all the information you need shares the same interface as your editing tools. This plug-in could be the mobile editor's best friend, as those working on laptops are in greatest need for such a solution. But this plug-in should be useful for any Premiere editor that deals with documents in his-or-her workflow (so, just about anyone).

PDFviewer is PC and Mac compatible, and the price? A mere $10.

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