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ReelSteady: Improved After Effects video stabilisation?

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ReelSteady / RedShark NewsReelSteady

A just-announced video stabilisation plug-in might be just what you need to steady shaky GoPro footage. And you can try it for free.

For users of GoPros and other action cameras, you've likely run into the problem of shaky footage. While current video stabilisation methods often do a serviceable job, they may not be up to tougher stabilisation tasks. But ReelSteady, a new plug-in for After Effects, could be what you need to turn the borderline into the impressive.

Here's ReelSteady's intro video, which takes the viewer through an eye-opening tour of the plug-in's capabilities:

The company is keeping mystery behind ReelSteady's precise method for obtaining these results, but for anyone interested, the product beta is available as a 30-day free trial (note: no payment information needed, but the video will be watermarked). For those that want to dive-in head-first, you can pre-order the retail plug-in for $399, entitling the user to immediate access to the beta product (we're assuming this means 'no watermark').

Currently, the ReelSteady plug-in works for After Effect Creative Cloud and CC 2014. CC 2015 is not yet supported, but Adobe allows multiple installations of different versions of CC, so that shouldn't deter those who want to try out or purchase the software.

We'll keep tabs on this story and follow-up with a more technical exploration of ReelSteady and a review in the near future, so keep checking back with RedShark News for coverage on this and other innovative products for film professionals!

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