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Premiere CC 2015's Lumetri built in colour grading tool

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Adobe/Casey FarisPremier CC 2015 Lumetri Colur Grading

Premier has a built-in colour grading tool that's powerful in itself, but even more so because it's right there within the application

We know now that the 2015 upgrade to Adobe's Creative Cloud applications is a significant one, with a host of small and big upgrades. Viewed across the whole software suite, there are almost too many changes to keep up with.

Which is why we're grateful to Casey Faris for making this video showing just how capable Premier's Lumetri colour correction too has become.

Sitting at the heart of Premier itself, the fact that it's right there in the middle of your projects encourages you to use it and helps you to make the right creative choices in-place, without having to resort to external software.

It's pretty powerful as well, with, for example, secondary colour correction that's both powerful and unobtrusive. It's not just for individual clips, but allows you to apply a "look" to the whole project.

If you haven't come across this before, Casey's video, below, will give you a flavour. (BTW - this isn't strictly a tutorial, just a quick demo. But if, like us, you were only dimly aware of this before, you'll probably come away impressed).




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