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NAB 2015: Blackmagic Fusion on Mac teaser video!

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Blackmagic Design / RedShark NewsNab 2015 Preview: Fusion on a Mac

Blackmagic will demo its Fusion compositing application on OSX at NAB in Vegas, and here's the official teaser video!

NAB  is definitely the industy's biggest tech showcase. It's also one of the most important times of the year for Blackmagic Design, as it routinely uses the convention as a launching pad for new cameras, i/o devices and software. In that vein, the company is stirring the pot a bit earlier than usual, with the confirmation that its Fusion compositing program (which it purchased at the eve of last September's IBC show) is not only in development, but working demos will be running at the Blackmagic Design's NAB booth.

Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty tackled the topic in a forum post last November, which outline the difficulties of porting it over to Mac. He also shed some light on cross-platform use, which should interest those who use both Mac and PCs: 

"One thing I can say though, is that our plan is to allow anyone who purchases the Windows version of Fusion 7 Studio to use their dongle on the Mac and to be able to download that Mac OS X version of Fusion free of charge. That's what we do with DaVinci Resolve and it's very flexible and I think helps people a lot. So we want to do that with Fusion also, even though they are very different types of software."

We'll follow-up this story as more details emerge and provide first-hand accounts of the latest products from Blackmagic and other manufacturers from the floor of NAB 2015!

Here's a link to a teaser video of it in action: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/videos/fusion



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