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Subtle VFX in new WW2 feature film

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Ate de Jong/RedSharkHet Bombardement

We like to let you know what RedShark contributors are working on and here's a lovely example. Our VFX (Visual Effects) specialist HaZ has just finished a film as one of the VFX Supervisors working in Brussels and Amsterdam

The Rotterdam Blitz (Het Bombardement) is a feature film from Ate de Jong (Miami Vice, A Flight of Rainbirds) and is a romantic drama about the relationship between Evan (Roos van Erkel), a young German architect, and Vincent (Jan Smit), a young boxer from Rotterdam, amidst the second world war, complicated by their their national and social divides. VFX work was carried out at Filmmore.

This is not an overtly CGI-laden film, but new technology allows new perspectives on classic wartime themes. Much of the skill in modern CGI work is in making the audience unaware that it is there at all!

This 2 minute 23 second trailer is in Dutch, and we hope there will be a subtitled version that a wider audience can enjoy.


Tags: Post & VFX