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Finishing the Hobbit: All you need to know about Hobbit post production

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Peter Jackson/RedSharkPeter Jackson talks about the Hobbit

In the final installment of Peter Jackson’s video blog, the director introduces The Hobbit’s post crew, while the team scrambles to complete the film.


Just two days before the premiere of The Hobbit, Peter Jackson’s latest foray into the Tolkien universe, the film’s post-production team was still hard at work, tweaking, assembling, even adding new animations and effects up to the very last minute.

It doesn’t surprise me that such an enormous undertaking would require work into the eleventh hour. But, somehow, in the midst of a frantic dash to the finish line, Jackson found time to film a little video.

Throughout production, Jackson regularly updated his YouTube video diary, giving us an inside look into the making of The Hobbit. In Episode 9, he greets us at that final 48 hour push, then hands the ball off to his various members of his crew for a video tour of The Hobbit’s post- production process.

Even if you regularly work post for blockbuster extravaganzas, the video is worth a watch for the crew’s attempts at keeping dealing with stress, including a nightly slumber party. If you’ve never heard of pre-viz or Foley, then it’s a required viewing.


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