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What Da Vinci was like in 1987!

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DaVinci/RedSharkColour corrected Da Vinci

(This is a second chance to see this lovely retro look at DaVinci.) I'm no fashion guru, but I do remember that in 1987 women wore shoulder pads the size of a small country and men rolled up their jacket sleeves as if it was almost an anatomical necessity. And I spent hours trying to recreate Jan Hammer's synthesised guitar sound from the Miami Vice theme on my Korg keyboard.

At the same time, DaVinci were making a film to promote their colour correction system - where "all of your work can be stored on a floppy disk".

Actually, this is not only a fascinating document of the time, but it's a pretty good foundation course in colour correction. Back then, everything to do with video was difficult. You needed massive - and clever - engineering to do any sort of video processing. So although the pervasive cheesiness of the era, perfectly captured in this film, might be an amusing distraction, you can only marvel at the quality of engineering in this museum-piece, and I have to say that even now, those control surfaces look pretty impressive, even if the user interface is showing its age a bit.

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