How To Edit - a recap

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RedShark/ShutterstockHow to Edit - a Recap

Peter Haas' recent "How to Edit" series has been extremely popular, but we omitted a link to the final part, which means that many of you missed it. All the correct links are given below

A huge number of you read Peter's "How to Edit" series, but we noticed that the link from the second part to the third - about the edit itself! - was broken. So three quarters of you never found the third article. So, to make sure nobody misses the series in its entirety, here are the links below:

Part 1: Preparation

Part 2: Ingest and Assemble

Part 3: The Edit

We've also fixed the link between Part 2 and Part 3, so, once you get started, you won't need to come back here.

Sorry about the confusion, and we hope you enjoy the series!

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