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You can download Blackmagic Fusion now, and it's free!

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BlackmagicFusion download

That was quick! Just two months after Blackmagic announced that it had bought Fusion, it's available now for download.

We knew it was coming but we didn’t expect it this quickly. Blackmagic has been working hard. Just two months after their announcement at IBC that they’d bought Eyeon, the company that makes Fusion, it’s on their website, available for download.

And just like everyone hoped (dared to hope!) it’s free, with a “Studio” version for $995.

The free version appears to be packed with features, while the paid-for Studio version seems to be geared towards facilities, with more enterprise-type features for collaboration.

Massively disruptive

Make no mistake: at this price, this is disruptive: massively so. This type of software has been, and mostly still is, expensive, especially for individual users.

And then there’s the “macro” effect: as we said when the original announcement was made, it looks like Blackmagic is aiming to “own” the post production space.  

They can quite reasonably claim this, because Resolve is still being developed at a furious pace, with ever-increasing editing capabilities.

With their cameras as well, you could quite conceivably shoot, edit and post a complex feature including CGI elements and complex 3D compositing.

We’re not sure how much work has been done to Blackmagic-ize Fusion since it was purchased in September, but we suspect that at the moment this must be a fairly light “skinning” operation: there just hasn’t been time to change it completely.

These are fascinating times!

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