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An amazing glimpse into the (cartoon) future.

Alexey ZakharovFuturama 3D visualisation

Futurama is about as 2D as a skillfully drawn cartoon can be. But seeing a visualisation of it in 3D is breathtaking!

Futurama, the laconic but sparklingly witty cartoon SciFi series, has always been resoundingly drawn in 2D.

That's always been the point of it. It's a slightly downtrodden, cheesy, perhaps, world, which doesn't really need glitzy visuals.

But such is the quality of the visual imagination that's gone into the future world, when it is rendered in 3D, it is little short of magical.

This must have been hard work. Look at the detail. It's a complete vista. Nicely produced, too - with appropriate music (not original, we're told) and substantial sound effects.

Well done to Alexey Zakharov for a truly impressive piece of visual art.


Tags: Post & VFX