This isn't a photograph - it's an amazing render

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Gilvan IsbiroSan Fransisco Landscape

Replay: This is a picture that looks more like a photograph than a photograph. And whereas a photograph can be made in an instant - you can imagine the time it took Brazillian artist Gilvan Isbiro to create this masterpiece

There really isn't much we need to say here except to congratulate the artist, Gilvan Isbiro, for this masterpiece. When you realise that every single surface and edge in this model has been hand-crafted, and then lit and rendered to make it look ultra-real, there really is more to this picture to meet the eye.


How was it made?

Gilvan has made a detailed blog of how he put this picture together.

Of course this is only a still image. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see a film as detailed as this? It's only a matter of time and talent.




 More astonishing CGI after the break






Silestone by Alex Roman. Read about it here


The Third and the Seventh by Alex Roman

Read more about it here


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