The incredible power of cinematic editing

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Battlefied 4/The Two ScotsmenThe power of cinematic editing

Computer games as cinema? Here's the proof

Very recently we talked about whether you'd ever be able to use computer games engines to make feature films. But here's the answer to a slightly different question: with great editing, how convincing can you make games material look.

OK - this is very good looking for a game, but it's still not going to convince anyone that it's anything other than an artificial creation. . But when you choose your camera angles, line up the music, and cut at exactly the right moment...

Put some headphones on, turn it up, and watch this full screen. It's just like watching a film.

Kudos to The Two Scotsmen for their skill in making this - they must have known every nuance of the game to put this together - and thanks to Gizmodo for drawing our attention to it.


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