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Major new Lightworks release (Windows and Linux) - and now you can just "buy" it.

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Editshare/RedSharkLightworks 11.5

 It's a big day for the Lightworks team today because they're releasing a big new upgrade. Even though it's a "point" release, there's a lot of important stuff in there, so let's dive straight in

This is the first time that Windows and Linux versions of Lightworks have been released. Soon to come is the Mac version, but we do not have dates for this yet  (more on this later in the article).

There are some big new features, including background importing, rendering and even exporting. Speaking of which, export to YouTube is now built-in.

There's more hardware support with AJA's ioXT now recognised by the software. Subtle changes to the UI make navigation more direct and intuitive, and the screen elements adjust more easily to different screen resolutions including Retina - in readiness for the Mac release.

All the details are given in the full press release after the break, but first, there are two very important changes.


Not everyone likes them, and those that do want more flexibility. So with this release, there is a choice of a monthly payment, as well as the usual yearly one. Prices for the Pro version have increased slightly. They are as follows:

 $79.99 | 59.99€ | £49.99 per year
 $7.99 | 5.99€ | £4.99 Per month
 There is a new option to buy Lightworks outright. This is a one-off payment that allows you to use the current version indefinitely. The price is:
 $279.99 | 214.99€ | £179.99

Free version

It now allows users to import all professional and consumer video formats natively on its timeline, giving exactly the same editing experience as the Pro version. The difference between the two levels of product is that the Pro version has a much wider range of output options, whereas the Free version is limited to web formats (ie MPEG4/H.264), at up to 720p.  The Pro version also retains exclusively project sharing, support for Matrox, Blackmagic and AJA I/O.

They want you to use Lightworks

 I presume  the reasoning here is that Editshare wants as many people as possible to use the product, and the vast majority of beginners and semi-serious users share their work on the web. If the software is being used professionally - then the upgrade to Pro price (whether monthly or yearly or outright) is trivial - and certainly much lower than any other professional product.
 Other things that have been changed include the need for an AC3 audio codec: there's now no need to install a separate Windows AC3 filter. Right-click functionality has been improved and there's now a Curve effect for colour correction effects.
 A refreshed website, at www.lwks.com, is launching today.

Mac version

And the Mac version? No dates yet but we've heard that it's close to a closed Alpha release, although we understand that the Mac code is already running very well. It will then move as soon as possible to a public Beta release, which will be the first time that everyone will be able to get their hands on this long-awaited final piece to the cross-platform NLE puzzle.
 Finally, kudos to the Lightworks and Editshare teams writing the software and making the equipment that was at the centre of The Wolf of Wall Street. I'm not sure how many makes of NLE have been used to produce Oscar-nominated films, but you could probably count them on the fingers of one hand.

Press release in full after the break

PRESS RELEASE: 29 January 2014 – London, UK

EditShare release Lightworks Version 11.5 for Linux and Windows

EditShare is proud to announce the release of Lightworks 11.5, its popular cross-platform editing software which now includes some major changes to the Pro and Free versions.

The new release features some major updates to the user interface, which greatly improve the editing experience, a smarter right-click menu populated with your favourite pre-sets and FX plus greater control for playback. And now, thanks to new background tasks, editors can continue to work whilst importing, rendering and even exporting.

Completing the line-up of major new features is the inclusion of AJA hardware support, allowing Lightworks to recognise the AJA ioXT or Kona cards on the Windows and, soon to be released, Mac OS X platform.

Lightworks was used to edit Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-nominated blockbuster The Wolf of Wall Street – clearly demonstrating the results users can achieve with Lightworks’ powerful editing engine. Now version 11.5 will be available to download on both Windows and Linux from 29 January 2014, marking a further improvement to this increasingly popular non-linear editor.

“This is such an exciting release for Lightworks,” said Matt Sandford, Lightworks’ Worldwide Product Manager. “Over the last couple of years we have been busy making the application cross-platform which meant the user interface has not had many updates, but now this work is almost complete it has allowed us to make Lightworks even more intuitive and easier to use.
“This will also be the first time in Lightworks’ history that a version will be available across two different platforms (Windows and Linux). The Linux community has been very excited about Lightworks and we are proud to be releasing such a professional and powerful editing tool to their community.”

The new free version now allows users to import all professional and consumer video formats natively on its timeline, offering the exact same editing functionality as the professional version. However, the professional version gives editors a far wider choice of output formats, while the free version is restricted to web publication, YouTube and Facebook being good examples.

Lightworks 11.5 is accompanied by a new pricing structure, as Lightworks’ Global Sales Manager, Robbie Fleming explains:
“The free version offers a great introduction to Lightworks by allowing users to get to grips with the software and still output to a distributable format we all use and watch every day. We have always promised to provide a powerful editor free-of-charge, but also to provide an affordable, commercial product to edit and output content to professional-standard broadcast and camera formats.

“Now users will be able to buy the professional version for just $7.99 a month that enables output to professional standard formats. We have added more ways to buy Lightworks as we understand that people now want a choice on how they pay for software, which is why we’ve introduced monthly and annual subscriptions along with the ability to purchase the software for a one-off fee.”

The new pricing structure is:
Monthly    subscription        $7.99 | 5.99€ | £4.99 
Annual subscription        $79.99 | 59.99€ | £49.99
Buy Version Outright        $279.99 | 214.99€ | 179.99

As with previous software updates, the new release has given the Lightworks team an opportunity to improve functionality too. Updates to Lightworks 11.5 include:

Free version now limited to MPEG4/H264 @ 720P output only for web/distribution use
Added support for AJA I/O devices (Kona and Io XT) drivers 10.4.1 and higher required (Windows, Pro version only)
Added Import, Render, Waveform Generation and Export as background tasks
Added YouTube export option for Windows, Mac and Linux including direct upload
Added AC3 audio decode support for Windows, Mac and Linux (Windows filter no longer required)
Added support for Retina displays
Added support for scalable user interface
Added ability to change the appearance of Lightworks. Scale, Window Colour, Text colour, Heading Colour, Subheading Colour, Selection Colour, Brightness, Typeface and Wallpaper image
Added ability to export MXF OP1a MXF files (Pro version only)
Added ability to create Macros from the Key Assignments panel (Pro version only)
Added time-indicator strips to tiles (when you mouse-over)
Added Curve effect to FX Colour Correction effects
Added "Use Marks" option to the export panel
Added Sync Group improvements, a record edit can now be synced with the sync group
Added ability to generate an auto edit based on users settings from the sync group
Added "Auto" frame rate project generation
Introduced playback controls to source and edit viewers
Added magnetic snapping on all panels
Introduced ruler on timelines
Introduced Right click functionality (Export, Add FX)
Added ability to Insert/Replace a source into a record edit if one is not open (a record edit will automatically be opened and the source Inserted/Replaced)
To find out more please go to www.lwks.com

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EditShare’s ground-breaking products are designed to improve efficiency and workflow collaboration every step of the way. They include video capture and playout servers, high-performance central shared storage, archiving and backup software, media asset management, and Lightworks –  the world’s first three-platform (Windows/OS X/Linux) professional non-linear video editing application (NLE).

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