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World War Z VFX Breakdown

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This past summer's blockbuster zombie epic, World War Z, astounded audiences with terror at the largest of scales. Visual effects house MPC was with realizing much of the film's mind-boggling mayhem...and this VFX breakdown.

World War Z entered the summer blockbuster season as one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and with good reason. With a very 'healthy' production budget, a headlining mega-star in Brad Pitt, and tons of buzz, both positive and negative, WWZ captured the movie-going public's imagination, virtually ensuring success at the box office. While audiences have been split on the effectiveness of its story, we can all agree that the visual effects are some of the most breathtaking to ever grace the silver screen, in a zombie film or otherwise.

MPC, a world-renowned VFX firm with facilities dotting the globe, created some of WWZ's most iconic visual sequences. In the following VFX breakdown, you get an inkling of the post process necessary to enact a truly credible onscreen zombie apocalypse.

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