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ENDCRAWL: brilliant-looking titles have never been easier

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New web-based service to streamline your title scroll

Creating the final credits for your film is not always easy; copy-editing, last minute changes and additions, making sure the text doesn't strobe or jitter when played back on a TV. One can easily lose precious hours in an expensive online ensuring that credits are up to the standard you film deserves.

A new online web-based service, ENDCRAWL is a promising tool that takes the difficulty out of creating you final credits and is poised to change how you create your film's end credit scroll forever.

Currently operating in private beta, ENDCRAWL is an easy to use web-service for creating scrolling end credits. For a mere $499 per project (less than what they charge for an hour of online in New York), you receive a link to proxy and/or full resolution versions of your completed scrolling credits in your e-mail inbox. The best part is you have unlimited revisions, and the price doesn't change.

Signing up for the beta is easy, and participation is free. This includes free 1K renders and you only pay if you're happy and want the full 2K renders. The process is simple - sign up, fill out the specialized spreadsheet (currently housed as an easily shared Google Doc but this is going to be changing once the service moves out of beta). Once you're ready for your titles simply request the resolution and format you're looking for and EndCrawl's cloud servers get to work; rendering high quality DPX or QuickTime files of your credits and forward them to your e-mail.

Ten minutes

ENDCRAWL is fast. In a demonstration from his mobile phone, ENDCRAWL co-creator, John "Pliny" Eremic, was able to make changes to a set of titles, and request a new render of a  title sequence (in this example he called up the complete credits for "The Wizard Of OZ").

Around ten minutes later his e-mail pinged. After a quick download, he flipped his phone around to display a beautiful set of smooth scrolling end credits.

To learn more about ENDCRAWL or sign up for their beta check out their beautifully designed website

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