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NewTek debuts NDI native Flex Control Panel

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A multi-talented first for a NewTek control panel, Flex offers direct access to video mixing, audio mixing, PTZ control, audio I/O, and talkback.

NewTek’s latest control panel is Flex, which offers audio and video mixing, PTZ Control and talkback all in one unit. It’s an all-encompassing mix as it is, and with the addition of audio I/O, Flex instantly expands the on-board I/O of any TriCaster — it works with all current Tricaster models — with the option to add external sources directly to the NDI ecosystem.

Flex is the only NewTek control panel to simply connect to a network with NDI and have control of any video switcher on that network, untethering operators and their video switchers from fixed cable runs and giving them the ability to change location to suit their own workflows.

NewTek Flex is available now and is priced at $9,495 or equivalent.

Tags: Production