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News roundup: LeftField for KOMODO, Boris FX Continuum and accessories for RED KOMODO

Image: Bright Tangerine.
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Image: Bright Tangerine.

In this weeks news roundup there's new accessories for RED KOMODO an Artist acquires FXhome.

Artlist acquires FXhome

For over 20 years, 6.3 million people have been using FXhome's products, which include the HitFilm NLE, CamTrackAR for iOS, and more. And now Artlist has acquired FXhome following a recent acquisition of Motion Array. 

Through an annual subscription used by 7 million people and companies, Artlist offers music and sound effects through Artlist.io and stock footage via its Artgrid.io, plus Motion Array carries motion graphics and transitions. With FXhome, Artlist will now offer video editing and imaging software, plus a host of other VFX and content creation apps and plugins.

Artlist has set itself up as a true hub and one-stop shop for content creators with its two major acquisitions. Get more details on Artlist here, plus check out this message from FXhome's Josh Davies.

Bright Tangerine introduces LeftField RED KOMODO system 

RED KOMODO users looking to step into the Bright Tangerine family of products will be happy to learn they have announced a LeftField System for the popular camera. Approved by RED, the kits and accessories will include:

  • Base, Essentials, Advanced, and Expert Kits.
  • Top and side plates.
  • NATO Top Handle and Top Bar Bracket.
  • NATO Cheeseplate.
  • OpenUp Quick Release Baseplate.
  • DJI Dovetail.
  • And much more.

The Bright Tangerine LeftField Systems are known for speed, so cinematographers and video professionals aren't spending too much time going from tripod to handheld or gimbal. Everything is designed to quickly change the shooting style without fiddling around with accessories.

Visit Bright Tangerine's RED KOMODO LeftField Systems page to learn more about the accessories and pricing, particularly of the kits.

Boris FX Continuum FCP 2021 released

Boris FX has unveiled a new edition of Continuum FCP, with plenty of enhancements and new features for Final Cut Pro editors.

Among the new features include a new FX Editor, 90 GPU-accelerated creative effects (HDR compliant), texture generator with over 100 customizable textures, 1000+ presets, plenty of drag and drop title templates, and more.

There are also film looks, lights and gobos, lens flares (JJ Abrams will be happy), auto-animating 2D and 3D titles, photographic gels, and other features and enhancements.

Get the full spec line-up and details at the Boris FX Continuum FCP 2021 page.

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