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Nanlite intros FC-500C RGBW LED spotlight and FC PowerController

The new Nanlite FC-500C RGBW color spotlight
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The new Nanlite FC-500C RGBW color spotlight

Nanlite’s new FC-500C is a high-output, full-color spotlight with a rated power of 520W, which Nanlite says combines the creative potential of color with the light-shaping capabilities of a point source.

The new Nanlite FC-500C light comprises a lamp head with integrated controls and clear display, plus a separate AC power supply. The head weighs in at just 3.91kg/8.62lb, making the FC-500C easier to transport and simple to use as an overhead light.

It’s got a decent output too. Nanlite says it will provide 57,050 lux @1m (5600K, with reflector) and 25,590 lux @1m (green, with reflector). Other relevant specs are a color temperature of 2700K-7500K, a CRI average of 95, and a TLCI average of 94.

nanlite fc-500c 2

It features a large 11 cm diameter fan that allows for efficient cooling at lower speeds and four modes allowing operators to balance lighting efficiency with audio requirements. By way of an illustration, in Smart mode, the fan automatically adjusts its speed based on the ambient temperature, allowing for 100% power output while limiting the noise level to approximately 29 dBA.

The FC-500C has five built-in lighting modes: CCT, HSI (36,000 colors), RGBW, Gel (with 151 different gels), and FX. 15 effects are available and can be individually adjusted. All modes can be controlled through the intuitive user interface on the head or via the NANLINK app, the light offering both wired and wireless control options.

Pricing looks to be just north of $1000.


FC PowerController

Introduced alongside the FC-500C, the optional $399 FC PowerController can be used to power the FC-300B/500B/500C from V-mount batteries or AC power supply. It also offers wired remote control of light settings, and can act as a portable V-mount dual battery charger. Handy…

nanlite power controller


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