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Michael Cioni talks Strada, AI, and what keeps him getting up in the morning

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On the IBC show floor, Dave Shapton interviewed Michael Cioni, and the result is a fascinating conversation about the industry, the impact of AI, and where it’s all heading.

We’ve talked about Strada before in the past few weeks, a new company from the Cioni brothers, Michael and Peter, that looks to use an AI-enabled cloud platform to empower users to automate, expedite, and deliver higher-quality content. It's intriguing looking stuff.

Michael Cioni is one of the forward-thinkers that the industry throws up every now and then, someone constantly coming up with new ideas and then coupling that with the entrepreneurial skills to make them actually work in the real world.

As such, Dave Shapton’s interview with him is a really interesting insight into the way the industry is heading and the tools that we’ll be using in the future.

“The reason I get up in the morning is to make workflow a little bit better,” Cioni says. “That’s always been the same thing. People say, Oh, you've done all these different things in your career. In a way, I haven't, you know; I'm actually kind of boring because all I do is try to find a technology that makes movies and TV shows look and be constructed a little bit better. Now what that thing is has sort of changed over the years, but the mission is the same. 

“And Strada is all about improving creative control using tech for creative people to do their work. Our AI isn't about generating assets. It's about modifying your own assets and making your assets look and sound better. I think that's just the next frontier of this. And so it really is just the latest iteration of a career that has been focused on making workflow better.


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