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Matthews' new Gatorbuddy makes working with bounce and fill cards easy

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Matthews Studio Equipment has just launched one of those potential time-saving lifeline pieces of equipment, its new Gatorbuddy.Gatorbuddy was conceived by working photographer Carlo Hindian when he needed a better way to handle gatorboard, which is, of course, a mainstay on still photo and video sets. After testing in real-world scenarios by videographers and photographers, who all saw its various benefits, Hindian partnered with Matthews Studio Equipment to manufacture and market the Gatorbuddy.  

The design features a sturdy wheeled base with a low center of gravity for maximum stability. Eight inserts offer positioning of the three screw-in aluminum Baby Risers while a slider knob accommodates width and angle adjustment of various size panels. Additionally, it is easy to add a Junior Wall Plate for supporting a C+ Riser or a V-Flat holder that easily modifies for varying angles.  

It is compatible with professional grip equipment thanks to 5/8" Baby Pins on each aluminum Baby Riser along with multiple tapped 3/8"-16 receivers. So it is easy to add baby pins, clamps, grip heads, and more. Finished in matte black, the system measures 39" x 18" x .82" / 99 x 45.7 x 2.1 cm and weighs 26.4 lbs./ 12 kg. It supports loads up to 50 lbs./22.6 kg. 

Featuring a steel base and four Tente caster wheels, it can glide around the studio, then easily lock safely in place to facilitate lighting adjustments. It can also work as a dolly to help move panels and V-Flats smoothly in and out to swap backgrounds. Plus, it can help create instant walls and dividers or easily be equipped with a laptop or monitor for use as a work/media station.   

Pricing is approx $1100.


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