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MASV integrates with MediaSilo

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File transfer specialist MASV is introducing a new partnership and integration with MediaSilo.

Available now from both the two companies, the new integration offers the high-performance ingest of MASV, including optimization for 10Gbps fiber internet, MASV multiconnect software-based internet bonding, and custom content collection portals, alongside the popular collaboration tools of MediaSilo which govern managing, reviewing, and sharing video work-in-progress.

It also includes MASV’s newest features, including custom forms for simplifying how users receive files and metadata from multiple people; one click instant portal generation; and the ability to set any portal to private and control who can access the content.

With more new features coming soon, in addition to accelerating file transfers into MediaSilo, MASV also simplifies collaboration with external partners. MASV portals can be configured to collect content from unlimited contributors, with or without a MediaSilo account. Users can also easily automate the transfer process by setting up a MASV Portal, which means that files dropped into a Portal are automatically delivered to a MediaSilo project. And those new custom forms make it easy to request or require critical metadata when uploading files.

Here are the customary CEO quotes:

“At MASV, our mission revolves around myriad ways the Cloud can save creative professional’s time, expediting cloud video production so you can focus on doing your best work,” said Greg Wood, CEO of MASV. “MASV partners with the best and most widely used players in media to achieve our mission, so it’s only natural to integrate with MediaSilo, thus empowering MediaSilo users with the highest-performance ingest and a better, simpler way to work with all of their media assets.” 

“We’re excited to bring MASV and MediaSilo together to simplify the asset ingest and management process for creative teams,” said Ramu Potarazu, CEO of MediaSilo developers Shift Media. “Our focus is making video collaboration easier for video teams of all sizes, and working with MASV simplifies the first step of getting large volumes of assets into MediaSilo.” 


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