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LG adds AI-powered self adjusting monitor to IFA line-up

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Say goodbye to squinting and slouching over days of wireframe removal with LG’s latest that couples AI with a camera to make sure it always matches your position.

LG’s UltraFine Display Ergo AI is making its much-anticipated debut at IFA 2022 after a fairly shrouded soft launch at CES 2022 and it definitely ratchets up the competition in the smart monitor stakes. The 32UQ890 automatically adjusts its position to ensure what LG refers to as continued ergonomic comfort throughout the day, making subtle changes to screen height (0 ~ 160mm) and tilt (-20º ~ +20º) to prevent users from remaining in a single position for too long or from falling into poor posture over time. 

Three modes —  AI Motion, Continuous Motion and Periodic Motion — use a camera to track the user’s eye-level and adjust height and tilt whenever a change is detected. If the company can make the adjustments non-intrusive and quiet they could be on to something here, especially for people such as vfx artists who can spend long periods locked into something they themselves would refer to as non-ergonomic discomfort when concentrating on a project.

Away from the motorised gizmos, the monitor sports a 31.5-inch 4K (3840 x 2160) IPS display with 95% coverage of DCI-P3 and what LG is happy to describe as “excellent” HDR image reproduction. Refresh rate is 60Hz, contrast ratio is 1000:1, and rumoured pricing is going to be around the $1000 mark.

And for those wanting something a bit more ‘traditional’ (we use the word advisedly) the company also has a 45-inch curved OLED gaming monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio and WQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution. The 45GR95QE (below) is also the company’s first-ever display to combine a 45-inch screen-size with an 800R curvature; a pairing that helps boost users’ sense of immersion, as well as presumably emptying their wallets quite considerably at the same time.



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