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NewTek expands NDI system into mobile devices

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NewTekFrom phone to integrated production unit with NDI

NewTek’s new NDI Camera app turns any iOS or Android mobile into an IP-ready live video source, which could impressively expand the number of options for live productions.

This is an interesting expansion of NewTek’s NDI IP production ecosystem, letting users install it as an app on their iOS or Android mobile devices and turn said device instantly into a wireless, IP-ready, live video source.

Of course, the device has to be connected via WiFi to the same network as an NDI-compatible receiving device or production system, but once that’s done it can be used and selected in the same way as anything else on the network; all of which has the potential to open up an impressive range of cameras, angles, vantage points and more for live productions.

Of course, that production has to be happy with broadcasting video of smartphone quality, but given that the likes of the iPhone 7 boast 1080p recording at 30fps or 60fps and that the NDI app undershoots that by being currently limited to 720p, that should not be much of an issue, especially in good light conditions.

Output from any device running NewTek NDI Camera is automatically recognized by NDI-compatible receiving devices, and usefully has full support for connection notification and tally information for preview and on-air status.

Other features include front and rear camera selection; simple pinch zooming and optional grid overlay for framing; camera focus options that include Auto Focus, AF Lock, and tap to focus; configurable exposure control, with Auto Exposure, AE Lock, and manual exposure compensation; and one-touch device light and audio mute control.

But perhaps one of the most significant features is the cost: NewTek NDI Camera is available for £14.99, which will make it very interesting to track and see how productions utilise its potential over the forthcoming months.

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