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IBC2022: AJA talks ColorBox and more

1 minute read

AJA had some decidedly cool new technology on show at IBC, with the new ColorBox at the head of a really rather interesting queue.

From the IBC2022 show floor, AJA Product Manager, Abe Abt, gives us the rundown on the company’s fascinating new color transform box, the aptly named ColorBox, as well as a host of other new products and innovations.

“What it essentially is, is a very, very advanced inline color transform box,” he says holding the ColorBox in his hands. “You have 12g SDI connectivity, HDMI 2.0 connectivity, it'll work with resolutions up to 4K at 30p, you could do 12-bit 444 at 4K 30p or 4K 60p, you could do 10bit 422; it’s fully user configurable, you could load your own LUTs into this box and there are also software options. You can buy it pre-loaded with things like the Colorfront Luts in there, the BBC LUTS, the NBCU LUTS. You can use the Orion convert engine within this box to create pretty much any look you need for your production. It's great for live production it's great for broadcast, it can work for post-production, it's an amazing box we're extremely excited to offer it.”

That’s something that comes across very well in the video below. There’s more where that came from too, including LucidLink and Telestream integration to provide rapid access to data wherever it may be in the world through the AJA Diskover Media Edition data management software. Check it all out.


Tags: Post & VFX