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IBC2022: Adobe shows collaboration, virtual production, and more

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Adobe has had a busy year of it, as this whistle stop tour of what it was showcasing on the IBC show floor proves.

Adobe had a serious amount of new innovation on show on its stand at IBC with its main theme being centred all around team collaboration, whether that is on-prem or collaborating with editors anywhere in the world.

Morgan Prygrocki, Strategic Development Manager, rattles through the impressively long list of stuff, with frame.io now fully integrated into both Premiere Pro and After Effects, and adds in some announcements of new integrations in terms of the frame.io camera to cloud initiatives. 

The first is a world’s first collaborative virtual production solution with partners MoSys and its near realtime rendering platform which “is really going to enable a lot of new filmmakers to take advantage of all the great benefits that virtual production technology has to offer.”

Check out that and much much more below.


Tags: Post & VFX