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How the Golden Globe-winning 'The Bear' was edited on Adobe Premiere Pro

Joanna Naugle editing 'The Bear'
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Joanna Naugle editing 'The Bear'

FX's The Bear was one of the big winners from the weekend's Golden Globes, scooping three awards, including Best Comedy. This video explains how FX's show is put together.

We've written about 'The Bear' before (see Cooking up a storm with cloud editing in 'The Bear'). And, given that it's just won three Golden Globes and is heading into what might be an even better third season than what has gone before, we might well write about it again too.

For now though, we thought we'd highlight the new video that Adobe uploaded just before the weekend showcasing how Emmy-nominated editor Joanna Naugle, ACE, editor Adam Epstein, ACE, and assistant editor Megan Mancini,  used PremierePro and Frame.io to capture what it refers to as 'the vibrant chaos of the culinary world'.

It's a decent watch too. "The Bear is a show that really lives and dies by the energy recruiting in the edit room, and I love the way that Chris Storer, the creator of the show, directs it because it's always emotion-driven. He'll give me a note like Carmy should feel like he's drowning in this scene, or like Sydney should feel like she's the only person on earth she's so lonely, and I love having the end result in mind and then figuring out what tools I have in my editing toolkit to achieve that feeling. We use lots of tools in Premiere throughout the course of the season. We shoot almost always with multiple cameras, so we use the multicam feature, and that makes it really easy to see what the other options are and for things do not slip through the cracks."

"The way that I use tools like Adobe Premiere I'd say has evolved mainly in the sense that the technology allowing more just direct creativity to kind of come out of you and be represented as quick as possible," adds Epstein.

Have a look below. 


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