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Hedge works to boost production workflows

Mimiq: now part of the Hedge family
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Mimiq: now part of the Hedge family

Acquisition, partnership, and integration are all ways that Hedge is looking to further evolve production workflows for filmmakers at IBC.

Often companies announce an acquisition at IBC. Or an integration. Or a partnership. They tend to do these things one at a time, so software specialist Hedge’s announcement of all three is over-achieving somewhat.

Let’s start alphabetically with the acquisition, which is of Mimiq, from original developer Indiestor, and its Avid bin-locking tech. 

As a result, Hedge now becomes the only company to offer Bin Locking for Media Composer on both Mac and Windows - the key to collaborative editing - without having to buy any proprietary hardware. Users can roll out their own shared storage and take advantage of the wide range of cost-effective storage options available at realistic prices, while for its part Hedge plans to continue to develop and support the software.

Mimiq will also slot in to Hedge’s existing licensing options, making it cheaper for many existing customers, and is also fully compatible with Apple silicon, which Hedge says is another industry-first.

On the integration front, Hedge has already integrated with the iconik cloud-based MAM service and now has a new integration between its EditReady software and iconik. This enables iconik users to convert between a comprehensive list of file formats and view that media from within their iconik session using EditReady’s streamlined media transcoding engine, even if the original format was a camera manufacturer’s RAW file. It also introduces more supported camera formats including ARRI RAW, Codex HDE, Blackmagic RAW, Sony X-OCN & RAW and Canon CRM.

And lastly, there’s a partnership with iodyne. Iodyne’s Pro Data is an ultra-fast NVMe storage appliance with full redundancy pitched at mobile editing applications where speed is paramount (a massive eight Thunderbolt ports tell you where it's coming from).  Iodyne has partnered with Hedge to maximise Pro Data’s potential with Hedge’s Fast Lane copy engine and Checkpoint verification engine, allowing Pro Data to function at its maximum speed while guaranteeing that copies are made quickly and fully verified. 

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