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Hedge @ IBC2022 “Nobody got into the business to do backups.”

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Software developer Hedge is on a mission to claw back creative time for editors.

“I’m confused, there’s too much going on,” says our man behind the camera, Bas Goossens. 

He’s not wrong. Hedge CEO, Paul Matthijs Lombert, details the company's rapidly expanding portfolio of apps and how it's on a mission to get the technical friction points out of the way and let editors concentrate on editing

“It’s all got out of hand pretty quickly in the past couple of years,” he says. “We started off as a single app company and now it’s nine apps. Today we told the world about acquiring Mimiq, the leading bin-locking app for Avid editors.”

Lombert reckons there are five distinct phases to the editing workflow, and Mimiq is going to give the company a powerful in to the Avid universe and help expand its mission to dial out the technical frustrations of editing.

“When you’re doing a production you’re thinking creatively, you’re thinking about how you want it to look, what story you want to tell, not about all those bits of friction around it all and they’re pretty time consuming,” he says. “Nobody got into the business to do backups.

“We think half of your time is taken up by the technical titbits,” he continues, “and that’s something we think we can easily move away from within a decade.”

Find out more in the video below. 


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