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Grab a bargain: SmallHD bundles the Indie 5 and Camera Control for RED RCP2

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With the RED KOMODO-X now all official and available very soon, manufacturers targeting the RED ecosystem are looking to capitalise on its release with their own offers.

SmallHD is one of the first manufacturers out of the gate looking to surf another RED wave of interest, and is offering a special bundle that includes the Indie 5 monitor and Camera Control for RED RCP2 software together. This bundle is valued at $1799 normally but, for a limited time, SmallHD is offering them together for a price of $1299.  We have no information yet on how long the offer is going to last for, but it's a pretty good one; the discounted bundle price matches the retail price of the Indie 5 alone, making the camera control software essentially free.

The caveat for those looking to pair Camera Control for RED RCP2 with a shiny new KOMODO-X is that, while it is indeed compatible with the newly announced camera, currently some features may not be available. However, SmallHD promises that full functionality is coming soon, so in the long run; all good.

smallhd iindie5 bundle

So what do you get?  The 5-inch Indie 5 monitor offers a touchscreen-only interface with a physical power button and sliding touchscreen-lock switch. The most lightweight and streamlined of the Smart 5 trio at just 408g (14.4 ounces), Indie 5 provides 1000nits of brightness, 3G-SDI (I/O), HDMI 2.0 (I/O), a barrel power input, and a micro-USB.

Camera Control for RED RCP2 Cameras, meanwhile, is a software license that allows you to unlock access to camera control for ​​KOMODO (now KOMODO series) and RED V-RAPTOR (DSMC3) cameras via a software activation code. This software allows users to tap into the internal camera settings with touchscreen configuration tools on every page.

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