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Filmsupply releases breakthrough Footage Research Technology [Sponsored]

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Want cinematic footage in your edit fast? Filmsupply’s scientists have created the innovative breakthrough you need in your life now!

Filmsupply has sent shockwaves through the filmmaking industry with the release of the Instant Footage Research Device (IFRD), a generational leap forward in footage research technology.

"Imagine a device that frees you from the tedious realities of searching for footage when you have so many other things to do,” said Filmsupply Chief Innovation Officer, Kurt Brass.

Well, imagine no more. The IFRD is that device,” Brass said. Welcome to the future.” 

Filmsupply, founded in 2015, is the global leader in cinematic footage licensing and has long been considered an engine of innovation in the footage licensing field. The Instant Footage Research Device only bolsters that reputation, thanks to groundbreaking features like InterFace UI™—a revolutionary one-touch interaction component that truly redefines intuitive.

In addition to InterFace UI, the IFRD features a sleek hand-held form factor that empowers instant footage research. This ensures crystal-clear communication when it matters most—when you need your footage fast. 

The moment you activate the IFRD, our footage research specialists spring into action, and your footage is essentially already on the way,” Brass said. The Instant Footage Research Device isnt just going to change the way creatives work with Filmsupply footage. Its going to change their entire workflow.


The Filmsupply Instant Footage Research Device is available now. Go to www.filmsupply.com/Device/ to order yours today

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