FiLMiC Remote for Android released giving full remote camera control and monitoring

Written by Heath McKnight

FiLMiC has released its Remote for compatible Android devices, allowing them to control remote cameras wirelessly, plus monitor the action.                                                          

FiLMiC Remote.

The company promises a "complete studio experience" when paired up with FiLMiC Pro, its cinema camera app for mobile devices.

FiLMiC Remote has been available for iOS for a little while now, and with the release for supported Android devices, mobile filmmakers have a full package of apps capable of pro-level film and video production.

Here are a few of the key features found in FiLMiC Remote for Android:

  • Control Mode: Wirelessly control cameras on jibs, sliders, etc., with ease.
  • Monitor Mode: Watch the action unfold on your Android device during filming, including waveform monitors, histograms, video preview, and vectorscopes.
  • Director Mode: A clean preview for the director and crew to monitor remotely.

In addition, if you have multiple devices set up running FiLMiC Pro, Remote can be set to preview only, while the cinematographer and camera ops handle the filming.

Check out this tutorial to learn more about FiLMiC Remote:

The company is making a big push into the Android space, with the release of their terrific photography app, Firstlight, earlier this year. They also have a free app called Evaluator, which will analyze your Android device to ensure FiLMiC Pro supports that specific mobile phone or tablet.

The cost of FiLMiC Remote for compatible Android devices is only $9.99 USD, and can be purchased here, while FiLMiC Pro is only $14.99. For only $25 USD, you have the apps to turn your Android devices into a professional cinema camera and monitor.

Learn more about FiLMiC here.

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