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Improved audio at the touch of a button with Adobe Premiere Pro

Francis at Adobe booth
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Francis at Adobe booth

In our video shot on the IBC show floor, an Adobe demo shows just how powerful — and time-saving — its AI-powered audio editing features can be.

Francis Crossman, Senior Product Manager, Adobe Premiere Pro, explains a little bit of genius that Adobe Premiere Pro is introducing via its Sensei AI routines.

It’s an excellent demo — informative, engaging, and well-presented — so you really should give it a watch below. But here’s a taster anyway.

“Okay, so here I am in Premiere Pro, and I'm going to be talking about text-based editing,” he starts. “The improvements that we've added now are based on feedback that we got from users. We showed this off at NAB back in April, and every time I did a demo, I got the exact same feedback: “I can see that you can remove pauses, but what if I could just remove all of them all at once?

“Well, now I'm happy to say that you can.”

He then shows us how it works, creating a load of tiny edit points in the timeline as pauses down to a 10th of a second can be detected and removed. It’s neat, but he’s not finished yet.

“The other thing that we can find in addition to pauses is filler words, which happen all the time. I'm probably creating a lot of them myself as I'm giving you this demonstration saying ‘um’ and ‘ah’ and that kind of thing. I'm going to select filler words here. And so these are going to find all of those in-between words throughout the interview. And I can delete all those as well. So now that has just automatically removed all of those from my sequence.”

From there, we dive into a demo of the enhanced speech function that we also used a few days ago to clean up some dodgy show floor audio on our Sony Burano interview. Have a look at Francis’ demo below.


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