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Up close with the Sony Burano on the IBC2023 showfloor

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The Sony Burano has been one of the major camera releases of the year so far, maybe of the last few. David Shapton takes a closer look.

The new Sony Burano has been one of the stand-out products of IBC2023; a Venice in a third of the size and for around half the price. David Shapton talked to Daniel Listh, Cinema Business Development Manager for Sony Professional Europe all about it on the IBC show floor.

“Obviously we have the Venice and the Venice 2 which perform superbly, but with this design, we’ve made it more user-friendly in terms of being a solo operator and for smaller crews compared to the Venice camera, but not compromising the image quality,” Listh says.

Have a look below, where you also get a good idea of just how compact the $25,000 new unit is. Oh, and Daniel is also showing the optional GP-VR100, an updated version of the FS7/FX9 telescoping arm with grip control popular with operators around the world. If you’re in Amsterdam, go see it on Stand 13.A10.

Now, we have a confession about the audio. This was pretty much the first video we shot on the opening morning of IBC, and we had a few technical gremlins that left the audio falling short of our normal quality. It's video; shit happens as most people reading this will be more than aware. 

So, as a bit of a bonus feature, we ran the footage through Adobe Premier Pro’s new Enhance Speech feature in the latest beta release of the program. The enhanced video that it spat out is the first one below, with the original at the bottom. See what you think…




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