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Digital Anarchy's new PowerSearch v3.0 intelligently searches Adobe Premiere Projects

Image: Digital Anarchy.
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Image: Digital Anarchy.

Digital Anarchy released a new update to its intelligent search engine for Adobe Premiere Editors - PowerSearch 3.0.

Acting as an intelligent search engine designed to scour video sequences for dialog, PowerSearch integrates directly within Premiere Pro, enabling editors to quickly search an entire project or Premiere Production for dialog and instantly locate specific clips and sequences based on those keyword searches. PowerSearch takes advantage of transcripts generated by Digital Anarchy's Transcriptive A.I. transcription technology, or Adobe’s new transcription service, to find dialog and phrases.

To make searching Premiere projects even easier, the latest version of PowerSearch now offers editors the ability to use common search engine commands, such as minus signs and quotes, for more precise, accurate searching. For editors with hundreds of hours of video, PowerSearch 3.0 will scour an entire Premiere project, making it easy for editors to find exactly what they’re looking for by showing only relevant search results. It’s a fast, efficient workflow for any production.

According to a press release from Digital Anarchy, the new version of PowerSearch delivers a significant performance upgrade with measurable benefits over Premiere’s internal search tools, especially for editors working with transcripts for all their footage and sequences. And it's flexible; editors can either use transcripts generated by Transcriptive A.I. or Adobe Sensei (via SRT).

Indexing with PowerSearch 3.0.
Indexing with PowerSearch 3.0. Image: Digital Anarchy.

The new version of PowerSearch also enables faster indexing and search processing along with additional new search tools, and the enhanced integration with Adobe Premiere’s Source and Program panels means clicking on search results automatically opens up clips and sequences directly where the dialog was spoken.

Here's a short list of some of the key new features in PowerSearch 3.0:

  • Ability to Index SRTs: Users can now search all captions simultaneously, versus other options such as Adobe Text Panel which only allows users to search one SRT at a time;
  • Support for Adobe Sensei transcripts: By importing SRTs into Premiere or Transcriptive Rough Cutter Adobe Sensei transcripts can be searched.
  • Search Improvements: Ability to search with quotes for more accurate results;
  • Support for Premiere Productions: Index individual projects in Premiere Productions and easily switch between them;
  • Project switching: New buttons on both screens are now accessible to load the index for an active project;
  • Increased indexing and searching speed;
  • Instant Loading:  Users can now load the database without the need to re-index. This eliminates the need to re-index the same project with a different name.

So, Why PowerSearch?

The main benefit PowerSearch claims to bring to the Adobe Premiere workflow is speed. It's apparently an order of magnitude faster by making use of a powerful SQL database. The system will index an entire Premiere Pro project, much like Google indexes websites, to optimize search performance. An index of hundreds of videos that used to take 10-12 hours to create can now apparently be indexed in less than an hour.

PowerSearch displays results like any search engine. As editors click on search results, they are taken to the exact time in the sequence or media file where the text was spoken. PowerSearch will sift through clip markers, sequence markers, speech metadata and transcripts, and even captions/SRT files to make it fast and easy to generate accurate results.

Whether using Transcriptive Rough Cutter tools or getting transcripts by other methods, PowerSearch should make it much easier to find soundbites, different takes of a script, or to pinpoint any time a name or place is mentioned. As such it should be yet another opportunity for editors to save time, tedium and ultimately, save more money which is always a priority.  It has been designed to literally find "needles in the haystack" of complex Premiere projects that have hundreds or thousands of hours of video. 

PowerSearch 3.0 is available immediately and is free for all users of Transcriptive Rough Cuter ($199). For new customers or those not using Transcriptive Rough Cutter with Premiere Pro, PowerSearch 3.0 is priced at $99.00 USD.  A free trial of PowerSearch 3.0 is also available here. PowerSearch 3.0 is compatible with Premiere Pro 2020 and above (14.0 and above).

PowerSearch 3.0 is also included as a free bundle with Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive Rough Cutter software. RedShark's Heath McKnight wrote about Transcriptive Rough Cutter this summer and more information can be found here.

Visit Digital Anarchy's site to learn more about PowerSearch, and check out its YouTube channel to see it in action, plus this overview video.

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