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Create rough cuts based on transcripts with Digital Anarchy's Transcriptive Rough Cutter

Image: Digital Anarchy.
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Image: Digital Anarchy.

Digital Anarchy is known for its terrific plugins and apps, including Flicker Free, Samurai Sharpen, Transcriptive, and others. It has now unveiled Transcriptive Rough Cutter for Adobe Premiere Pro and its own Transcriptive website, which creates video sequences based on the transcript.

Transcriptive is a leading transcribing plugin and web service that will create accurate text transcripts of your video or audio interviews and projects. The plug-in works with Premiere Pro, but you can upload your audio or video to transcriptive.com and have the transcript created.

Transcriptive Rough Cutter takes it to another level by creating a rough cut based on the transcript text edits, including timecode that matches each word. Having a great transcribing service or plug-in like Transcriptive saves producers, directors, and editors a lot of time, but Rough Cutter pushes it further by laying out rough Cutter sequences ready for editing and trimming.

Rough Cutter is built upon the Transcriptive AI technology developed by Digital Anarchy. It will analyze the transcript text and any edits made to the text, and create the associated video sequences in Premiere Pro. We’ve all heard of creating a ‘paper edit’ to streamline cutting, but this goes beyond just that.

Digital Anarchy Transcriptive Rough Cutter.

Transcriptive Rough Cutter supports batch processing, including Batch Project (select a clip or sequence for transcribing a single or multiple files), Parallel Processing (multiple files are submitted at once), and Batch Alignment (align clips or sequences with imported transcripts in Premiere Pro).

It’s also easy to share and collaborate through the web app version of Transcriptive, so producers and directors can easily edit a transcript via comments and strikethroughs. The resulting transcript can be shared to editors or others working on the project.  Rough Cutter also supports Multicam projects in Premiere Pro.

On a personal note, this is technology my friends and co-workers talked about nearly 20 years ago when I was working in TV news. We had just started using NLEs on the news side, and discussed how easy it would be if there was software that could transcribe and build a rough cut of an interview, especially if it’s a breaking news story or a long-form project. It’s great to see Transcriptive Rough Cutter can do just that!

Visit Digital Anarchy's site to learn more about Transcriptive Rough Cutter, and check out its YouTube channel to see it in action, plus this overview video:

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